How Hardware Scaleup Helps

Establishing manufacturing processes for emerging climate technologies involves many cycles of iteration and development. It also requires manufacturers to develop new capabilities to support novel production and compliance requirements. This is an area where entrepreneurs typically lack knowledge, experience and resources, creating greater economic and business risks for all involved.

For example, products made by new or unproven manufacturing processes are more costly, prone to quality problems, may not perform the same, and take longer to get to market.

Hardware Scaleup addresses these challenges and more. It combines a rigorous process, expert hands-on help, and access to manufacturing and financial resources to positively impact the trajectory of startups that are innovating clean energy technology hardware.

Hardware Scaleup is funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to accelerate sustainable energy development. The program is administered by two organizations, and includes the expertise of a variety of partners

  • NextCorps—located in Rochester, NY—serves entrepreneurs and manufacturing partners in upstate New York
  • Second Muse—located in New York City—serves entrepreneurs and manufacturing partners in downstate New York


The HWSU program allows companies to take their products to the next level of manufacturing by teaching them the best approaches and providing them with professional guidance.
The companies enrolled in the HWSU program express their gratitude for mentors, instructors, investors, manufacturers and everyone involved in the program that helped contribute to their progress and successes.
Connections are everything, especially for startups. The HWSU program helps ensure each company can build the relationships they need with the right professionals in their industries.
Learn the ins and outs of scaling, connect with the climate tech ecosystem, get your product to the production stage, take advice and learn the techniques to make your company successful. The HWSU program provides you with the tools for success.

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