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Program Structure

During the structured 9 to 12-month program, participating companies will:

  • Gain an understanding of the manufacturing process, and the ten stages that lead to manufacturing maturity
  • Develop a roadmap for creating manufacturing capabilities, based on the Manufacturing Readiness Levels (MRL) standard. This rigorous process provides insight into specific areas to aid the startup in planning and achieving the necessary milestones to move to the next manufacturing readiness level. It also offers a common language for working effectively with manufacturers, contractors and suppliers, and for assessing, managing and mitigating risks in each stage
  • Attend instructional sessions throughout the program to help strengthen all aspects of business
  • Work with a dedicated mentor weekly to review plans, identify potential manufacturing obstacles, and get advice
  • Meet with an Accountability Team monthly to ensure the startup and mentor is on the right track, and has thought of everything that could impact success. If needed, the team will recommend additional resources or program exit if the startup isn’t benefiting
  • Select from vetted manufacturers, contractors and material suppliers that are committed to working with startups
  • Network with potential investors to raise funds for commercializing technology.


Cohort 3

July 27Application period opens
September 8Application period closes, Cohort 3 selection and notification
OctoberProgram begins
SummerProgram concludes


Cohort 2

May 28Applications open
August 9Participants selected
Sept 1218-month program begins
February18-month program Ends


Cohort 1

SeptemberApplication opens
October 21, (12:00pm / noon)Application deadline
November 7Applications will be reviewed, interviews conducted and program participants notified by November 7.
November 15Program begins
December 12Prototypes, Patents, & IP Protection for Hardware Startups
MonthlyTeams meet with mentors weekly and Accountability Board monthly to review status and progress through manufacturing readiness levels

Teams attend educational sessions on manufacturing and business planning,
curated plant tours, and meetings with contract manufacturers to find the right
MayProgram ends

Applications Now Open. Apply or Sign Up for an Informational Webinar.